Assisted Stretching Privates

A private session is all about you. It's your appointment for focused, personal attention tailored to your body, your needs and your goals. Private sessions can be the jump start you need to increase performance, heal from injuries, and start your journey to feeling better than ever before. It's the fastest and most effective way to experience powerful freedom of movement.

It takes twice as much force to stretch a muscle as it does to strengthen it! To achieve the highest level of improvement in flexibility, it is essential that other people assist you. While the self stretches are highly beneficial, it is not always possible to resist maximally during the stretch since you are resisting against yourself. Having a certified Meridian Flexibility Trainer on hand for partner assisted stretching is your key to immediate results.

Your private session can be scheduled at a time and day convenient to you. It's a very efficient use of your time and effort. One on one work in private sessions creates over ten times the benefit of a group class.

Increase your athletic performance

Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training has been used by numerous professional athletes including Allan Houston (NY Knicks), Charlie Ward (Houston Rockets), Dara Torres (12-time Olympic medalist in Swimming), Jason Werth (Los Angeles Dodgers), Eric Flame (4-time Olympic Speed Skater), Michael Gebhardt (Olympic windsurfer), CB Burnside (X-Games), and more.

Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training provides greater strength, flexibility, and range of motion while diminishing injuries, aches, pains, stiffness, and tension. Flexibility is key if you are a professional athlete looking to eliminate the restraints on your performance and exceed in ways that you've always aimed for.

Assisted Brain Stretch
Assisted Brain Stretch Begin
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Your personalized flexibility training program

A private session is your appointment for intensive and personalized flexibility training. It starts with a one-on-one stretch program tailored to your body, your needs, and your goals. I don't simply prescribe a bunch of stretches. I assess your body in numerous positions - pushing and pulling to test your alignment and flexibility. I ask lots of questions, listen intently, and observe everything.

A stretch, diet and life program

Then I begin creating a custom series of stretches and variations just for you. During the private session, you work through your personal stretch program with my assistance. Plus I teach you how to stretch on your own, so you can stretch in between sessions. Also as part of your program, I give advice on diet, exercise and other pertinent aspects of your life.

Directly address your needs & goals

In privates you perform a demanding series of stretch exercises under the guidance and handling of your instructor. I focus on the particular weaknesses and imbalances in your body. I also work on the things that you want to achieve or change. You'll experience powerful improvements right away and realize dramatic gains in flexibility, strength, and health over time.

Maximum results over time

Over time I modify and intensify the program to meet your evolving needs and goals. Maximum improvements in flexibility, strength, posture, physical health, and mental fitness are the results.


Mashing is a system of therapy that centers on the trainer using their feet to achieve deep and dramatic changes to your body. Trainers use their feet on almost every part of the body to create relaxation along TCM meridians to free up energy flow, speed up the removal of waste products from muscles, help to loosen up tight muscles, remove scar tissue, and remove trigger points — creating significant improvements in movement and decreases in distress and stress. Concomitant improvements in physiological and psychological health can occur.

A session can be for an individual’s whole body or it can center on just one particular Meridian Muscle Group, depending on the desire of the individual and the recommendation of the trainer. A whole body mashing can improve circulation and posture while targeted mashing can relieve deeper issues including knots and adhesions inside the muscle.

Meridian Mashing


Private sessions benefits & features

  • Intensive one-on-one stretching and strengthening
  • Customized program to directly address your body, needs, and goals
  • Sport-specific training to optimize athletic ability and performance
  • Dietary, exercise and lifestyle recommendations
  • At-home stretch program designed just for you
  • Maximum flexibility, strength, posture, health and mental fitness gains

Assisted Stretching Private Session

How to Begin:
Contact Luther to schedule your Assisted Stretching session at a convenient time.
All ages and abilities, beginner to advanced.
Limited availability in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA.

Please contact Luther for more information.

Outcalls available at additional fee (your home, office, etc.). Also by limited availability for on-call / on-location (backstage, retreats, jets, RVs, cruise ships, sporting events, etc.). Contact for details.
After the first session, I will be able to give you an idea of where your body is in terms of its strengths and weaknesses as well as discuss your goals. This will allow both of us to determine the length and frequency of future sessions.
How it Works:
Come to the initial session with your goals and desires. Tell me what you want to work on, change, and improve.

Maybe you want to simply increase your range of motion. You may want to get rid of back or shoulder pain. You might want to improve your golf game. Or you could be looking to win a gold medal in the next Olympics.

Be prepared to work hard, feel a lot better, and change in more ways than you ever imagined.
- Bring or wear comfortable exercise clothes.

- Empty stomach or light snack before, but don't come hungry.

- Drink plenty of water.

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